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Innovaciones Químicas Bitan S.L. is a company that develops new products and new applications for a greater sustainability of natural resources.



Today, there are no doubts about the effects of human activity on Climate Change and its impacts on life on Earth:


- Global warming of the Earth

- Increase in long periods of drought

- Increase in extreme weather events, etc.



All of this has led us to promote and spread the sustainable management of natural resources and specifically water, a commodity that is increasingly scarce and expensive.



In many studies the availability of water is considered in many places as one of the most critical factors. 75% of water consumption is destined for agriculture, only a good control in the limited resources of water and nutrients, allows, and at the same time guarantees, a greater agricultural productivity.


Our LIZASORB range allows a better water and soil management.


-What is it? LIZASORB are white granular polymers, with liquid absorption capacities, even greater than 500 times their weight.



-       Potassium Polyacrylates.

-       Sodium Polyacrylates.

-       Polyacrylamides.

- For what do you use it? LIZASORB is basically used as a retention agent for water in the soil, as well as for nutrients, this allows an important saving of water (reduction of irrigation), and even allows rainfed cultivation to be a viable and economically interesting option.

The recommended dosages are 25 Kg per Ha, although according to needs.


Manual application

Dry application


Direct or automatic application

Others importants effects for use it, as it keeps humidity in the environment:

- prevents compaction of the substrate

- facilitates and improves seed germination

- facilitates and improves their growth

It can interact with liquid fertilizers, humic acids, etc ...


LIZASORB RANGE preserves the Environment and the countryside.


For any questions or queries, you can contact our email and we will be ready to assist you and explain everything you need to know.

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