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We have a complete range of polymers perfectly adapted to all situations that arise in a paper mill:

- manufacturing

- retention

- recoveries

- process water recycling

- used water treatment


Our products ensure production gains, savings in water consumption, reduction of spillage and also improve the quality of paper and paperboard.


The applications that concern this market are several. They are directly related to production, improving the drainage (elimination through a fabric, the water of the cellulose solution or pulp) and increasing the retention of cellulose fibers, as well as the different chemical products added for the correct quality of the finished product. There is a recovery treatment by filtration or flotation of the fibers that may remain in the cast water and, finally, the treatment of clarification and decantation of the solids in suspension and treatment of the sludge in the treatment plant.


We also have complementary products for the manufacture of paper and paperboard, such as:


        - silicone defoamers.

        - non-silicone defoamers.

        - synthetic coagulants. 

        - others.

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